How long does it take to get my free virtual estimate?

For standard residential roofing / siding / soffit & fascia / gutter estimates, it should take about 24-hours to get your free virtual estimate. Most customers get their estimate the same day.

What’s the best time of year to get a new roof?

Spring is the best time for consumers to repair or replace a roof, due to little or no backlog of work.

How long should it take for workers to install my new roof?

Most residential roofs are installed in 1-2 days.

What is the best asphalt shingle to use on my roof?

CertainTeed’s “Landmark Series Shingles” are one of the most popular asphalt products used on residential homes because they’re one of the heavier shingles on the market, have excellent seal down and offer the best warranty. CertainTeed “Landmark Series Shingles.”  We also install GAF, TAMKO, IKO, and Atlas shingles.

My house has a flat roof. What is the best roof system for a flat roof?

We recommend a “low-slope system.” There are several options, but the most common is the Modified Bitumen Self-Adhered or “Mod.” We use the shingle manufactures companion systems. CertainTeed’s “mod” is Flintlastic.

Other available options are:

  • EPDM – A black “rubber” membrane, available in white
  • TPO – A white “plastic” membrane, available in other colors
  • Modified Bitumen – Several commercial variants are available : smooth torch, granulated torch, fire rated, 2-ply
  • PVC – A white “vinyl” membrane, available in other colors

Copper/Zinc/Galvanized – Hand seamed, traditional roofing for architectural restorations

Is it always necessary to tear off the existing shingle before re-roofing?

This type of installation is referred to as a “layover.” We do perform layovers, but do NOT recommend verifying roof deck integrity and proper installation of underlayments. If we do perform a layover on your home, rest assured we are not doing a “butt and run,” ignoring flashing details, like some of our competitors. We insist on the installation of new flashings on layover installations per ALL manufacturer requirements.

What kind of warranties do you offer?

Messing Roofing and Construction offers extensive warranties on all products and workmanship. Please see our Warranty section.

Do you offer financing?

We recommend pursuing financing through your local bank or mortgage holder to receive the best rate. We do offer consumer credit through CEFCU, 90 days same as cash. We also have financing options for individuals and families with less than perfect credit

Can you provide me a list of former customers as references?


Will you give me a written contract outlining the job and detailing the price?

We will provide a typed proposal through e-mail or mail with a complete scope of work, price, and any alternates you request.

If an old roof is torn off, how will you dispose of the old shingles?

We recycle nearly 100% of old asphalt shingles/underlayments and metal accessories! This not only saves space in landfills, but reduces the cost of your project. Your old shingles will be ground up and used as premium reinforcement in asphalt roads!